Nick Tomlinson – The Ghouls of Howlfair (English Review)

Welcome to a new mid-grade novel review in English here at Deborahs Bücherhimmel, „The Ghouls of Howlfair“ by Nick Tomlinson.

What‘s up:

Howlfair was famous for its ghosts and ghouls and werewolves in the past. But now it looks like that the creeping legends will come true again.

Young Molly is driven by questions like „Is there an undead family member?“ or „Is my friend Lowry a werewolf?“ and so she is investigating the creepy history of Howlfair and finds more and more indices, that ghouls are taking over the town … Can she find a way to save her town? And whom can she trust in?

My impression:

Nick Tomlinson takes us in a small village where creepy things happened in the past and Molly, a very curious girl aged 12, is sure that the evil is creeping back into town. She‘s a bookworm and reading all available books about demons, ghouls and werewolves she could find in the local library.

But she isn‘t making friends with her investigations. Shortly the next local major electoral is nearby and Molly is sure that one of the candidates is suspicious. So it‘s no wonder that some of the residents are trying to stop her to investigate further and also her mother bans her from doing any further research.

I‘ve enjoyed the squad, bookworm Molly and her friends – scatty Lowry and guardian-cat Gabriel, trying to keep Howlfair safe, sneaking around the town, discovering the local landmarks and you as the reader are watching out for the next twists and turns.

Thrilling encounters are waiting for the squad until the big showdown will take place. But be aware … the creepiest things can come true at any moment.

My résumé to „The Ghouls of Howlfair“ by Nick Tomlinson:

Yeah, this creepy trip to Howlfair was much fun and also I hope that a sequel will sneaking around the corner soon.

This book is out now. Get to your local bookstore, pick it up and go along with Molly and her friends. Enjoy this rollercoaster and ghost train ride through Howlfair‘s history, present and future.


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