Thomas Taylor – Festergrimm (English Review)

Welcome back to Eerie-on-Sea to the fourth part of the „Legends of Eerie-on-Sea“ series: Festergrimm by Thomas Taylor

Each visit taken to Eerie-On-Sea, a wonderfully edgy place, strange, gothic and inhabited by some singular people, is full of legends, mystery and adventure.

Welcome back to Eerie-on-See with Festergrimm from Thomas Taylor.
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What’s up?

In Festergrimm you’ll find out more about another legend of Eerie-on-Sea, Ludovic Festergrimm. He was an extraordinary and genius clockwork toy maker, but after his daughter disappeared in the Netherways, he created a giant clockwork robot to find and rescue her. So far, so heartwarming, but … you are in Eerie-on-Sea, so the robot gets out of control and was eventually destroyed by the town’s residents.

„He, whose name I will not mention“, is back in town. And he launches Herbie and Vi into another adventure going to reveal the deepest secret of Eerie-on-Sea. „You-know-who“ will reopen the long forgotten „Festergrimm’s Waxworks“, an abandoned tourist attraction. It’s a dusty and defunct old gallery full of spooky mechanical waxwork characters from Eerie legend with a ghost train ride through the exhibition.

Herbie and Vi are sure „he“ is up to no good, but all the adults around them are less wary. Our heroes need the help of all their friends, especially from Clermit the wind-up crab and Erwin the cat to solve and survive this deliciously creepy, slightly macabre quest to solve another intriguing Eerie-on-Sea mystery … And to stop Eels’ sinister plan.

Blurb for Festergrimm by Thomas Taylor.

My résumé to Festergrimm

Together with Herbie and Vi, we are sneaking around the town, through the waxworks exhibition and workshops and exploring dark tunnels beyond the town. And very often we find ourselves in the presence of „him“ … Best you find out yourself if this is good or rather suboptimal.

Thomas Taylor shows once again how to create a spooky, tense and eerie atmosphere with a handful funny moments. And sure, for me there’s magic in Taylor’s writing.

Unlike the previous books, which are self-contained, Festergrimm ends with a nasty cliffhanger that makes you curious about the final installment of the Eerie-On-Sea mysteries … Mermedusa.

Therefore, I recommend reading the books in order of publication, since Festergrimm refers to all three volumes beforehand.

1: Malamander (click to read my review)
2: Gargantis (click to read my review)
3: Shadowghast (click to read my review)
4: Festergrimm

I wish you exciting and spooky entertainment in Eerie-on-Sea.


The fourth part of the Eerie-on-Sey series by Thomas Taylor in the port of Greetsiel.

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Extras to Festergrimm:

Walker Books has created a wonderful website for the Legends of Eerie-on-Sea series: with an interactive map of the village, extracts of the stories and a few other goodies.

On the very last pages of Festergrimm you’ll find the first chapter of „Mermedusa“, final part of the „Eerie-on-Sea Mysteries“, which will be published later this year.

If you want to know more about Thomas Taylor and his inspirations to write the Eerie-on-Sea-mysteries please visit to read a Q&A interview with the author.


Many thanks to Thomas Taylor for the signed copy of Festergrimm – with a custom drawing of Clermit – and to Book Nook in Hove for the speedy delivery of the pre-ordered book.

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